Clay Pigeon Shooting

Indulge your guests with an elegant day of Clay Pigeon Shooting aboard your Yacht. Whether your party are novices, experienced or a mixture of both, our Instructors will ensure a great and memorable time is had by all.

We only use specially made ecological clays which dissolve quickly within sea water, non toxic shot and biodegradable wads within our cartridges. Our Experienced Coach will be with your guests at all times, and our other two team members will assisting to ensure this is an unforgettable experience. Our teams can fly to any European country.

Your on board team will consist of one highly experienced Clay Pigeon Instructor and two team members from Global Compass Marine.  Once aboard and having arranged a safe and suitable location with your Captain, we can start.  Our team can fly to any European Country and be on board for the entire day.

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If you or your guests like the guns you have used, we can arrange for them to be professionally fitted and shipped to any location across the Globe.

Whilst most of our guns are 12 bores, we can also bring smaller shotguns for ladies and even children (over the age of 10). These smaller guns are lightweight, well-padded and fun to shoot for anyone who has never shot before. With our Professional Coach assisting, we will soon have your guests hitting their targets. Our team will supply all equipment relating to this special day from the Guns, Traps, Clays, Cartridges, Ear Protection, Hats and Glasses. Protective mats will also be provided for your guests to stop movement or slipping whilst shooting, and protective mats for our Clay Traps on your decks.

Ask your Captain to call us for more information on +44 (0)1934 712985 or email us at

Clay Pigeon Shooting Enquiry

Please use this form to provide us with some of the information we need to provide a quotation for your clay pigeon shooting experience.

Our team will bring a matching pair of beautiful shotguns or two carefully selected guns, we cannot guarantee which guns are used due to other bookings. Bookings require a 50% deposit which is none refundable. Weather can cause disruption for this activity and our expert weather team will liaise with your Captain regarding this activity. In the case of cancellation, we will simply charge for cancelled travel arrangements and honour the booking on your new selected date.

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