Our team have over 30 years of experience spanning over 38 refit projects on vessels above 40M, there isn’t much that our knowledgeable team hasn’t encountered when it comes to the complexities of rejuvenating a client’s yacht.

The flexibility of our specialist team allows Global Compass Marine Projects to offer a World class refit solution for owners, designers, builders and Captains anywhere across the Globe, covering the detailed restoration of original features; and extensive rebuild or remodelling to improve functionality and aesthetics for owner’s specific requirements.

GCM’s sympathetic yet passionate approach to the restoration process ensures that the yacht retains its original aura, character and pedigree, whilst still incorporating modern systems and technology to enhance the original heritage of any vessel.

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Globally available

We operate Globally and carry a close and specialist contractor base spanning some 100+ skilled trades and over 1000 specialist craftsmen that we have aligned to our refits over the past 25 years. These specialist teams sit right at the heart of what we do performing artistic and detailed craftsmanship using exotic and natural materials.

Project management is both on-board the yacht along with dedicated management and logistics team supporting the refit from our UK HQ and production facilities.

Our process is different to other refit brands in that we take our refits to the yacht at location. Under the brief of the designer we mobilise our team for the project. Starting with initial production and project manager we survey the vessel alongside the design house to work through the detailed specification requirements.

All furniture and refit linings are manufactured in the UK by our teams. Everything from raw material selection to high gloss spray finishing, our teams perform every detailed task to a high and bespoke level ensuring qc control from start to finish.

Making furniture for a yacht that integrates effectively is key. All on-board system (electrics, air con, pipework) considerations are built into our furniture with precision and accuracy. We understand superyachts, they are complex spaces and to integrate its complexities into the refit takes a special skillset and one we are proud to offer. All too often we witness unnecessary invasive remedial works to beautifully constructed furniture by the manufacturer lacking all round expertise to build in the technical features. Our depth of knowledge across all superyacht systems puts us ahead of the competition as we build every detail into our refits offering a turn-key approach.

We follow one simple rule. The craftsmen that manufacture the furniture install the furniture. This realises better results in better timeframes.