Captains, Employers & Operators

Our Personnel Team can assist you, 7 days a week, 364 days a year, to find the right crew quickly. When time is pressing, we can give you a shortlist of candidates who are experienced for your role, suit your operation and existing crew and are available to start when required.  Global Compass Marine take’s the hassle out of finding the right individuals to join your team, we have over 20 years experience in search and selection of professional individuals across Europe. Simply fill in the form below with details of the vacancy you would like to fill, and we’ll do the rest.

Crew Request Form

Please complete the form below with details of the position(s) you would like to fill.

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Jobs Include:

CaptainHelicopter PilotStew/Masseur(euse)
Chase Boat CaptainHelicopter MechanicLaundry Steward(ess)
Relief CaptainChief EngineerJunior Steward(ess)
Chief Officer/1st MateSole EngineerHairdresser
2nd Officer2nd EngineerNanny
3rd Officer3rd EngineerFlorist
BosunChief ETO (CETO)Personal Trainer (PT)
Lead DeckhandElectrical Technical Officer (ETO)Masseur(euse)
DeckhandAV/IT OfficerDoctor
Junior DeckhandJunior EngineerParamedic
Deck/EngineerInterior ManagerYoga/Pilates Instructor
Deck/CarpenterChief Steward(ess)Head Chef
Deck/DivemasterConciergeSole Chef
Dive InstructorHead of ServiceSous Chef
Watersports InstructorHead of HousekeepingCommis Chef
Competent CrewSpa ManagerCook/Crew Chef
Delivery CrewSole Steward(ess)Cook/Steward(ess)
Delivery Crew2nd Steward(ess)Sole Chef
Dayworker3rd Steward(ess)Sous Chef
Race Crew (Professional)Steward(ess)Commis Chef
Race Crew (Amateur)Service StewardessCook/Crew Chef
Private Security Officer (PSO)Housekeeping StewardessCook/Steward(ess)